DAZ Studio

DAZ Studio is a 3D figure illustration or animation application released by DAZ 3D Inc. It is compatible with most files intended for use by Poser. It is available free of charge but required registration for used it.

If you're new to 3D art and animation, then DAZ Studio is the perfect place to begin. DAZ Studio lets you learn all the basics of 3D digital art and animation with minimal time or cost. Unlike most 3D software, where 3D objects are usually created from scratch, DAZ Studio is designed to allow users to manipulate "ready to use" models and figures. It is aimed at users who are interested in posing human and non-human figures for illustrations and animation, but who do not wish to incur the expense of, or who may be daunted by higher-end 3D and CAD software.

DAZ Studio 4.0 was released in June 2011, the basic DAZ Studio 4.0 follows the free software model of earlier releases, retaining all previous features while adding in several new ones. However also introduced is a commercially available version, DAZ Studio 4.0 Advanced, introducing several additional new features beyond those in the basic version.

Website : www.daz3d.com